Module 2: Cultivating Principles (Laying the Groundwork) Part 2

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Soul Connection Part 2


Welcome to the who's Apple dynamic. You're tuned in to lesson two of bullseyes. So, connection in this series, you will learn why the soul is the primary target. Why the enemy attacks it with extreme prejudice, and you will learn how to recognize root out and disarm any enemy strategies that are lurking in the shadows of your own life.


Ultimately. You will receive a shear fire battle plan designed to place you back on your path of purpose and ensure that you will realize your God or a Dane destiny. Let's get started in lesson one. We discussed some Christianese terms, so go back to lesson one for the details regarding [00:01:00] have the mind of Christ.


Being in the flesh, reap what you saw, and we spent some time talking about who you are in Christ. Further terminology included the master plan, path of purpose, calling versus mission. And faith without works. Further terminology included, defense mechanisms, denial, frame of reference, personal responsibility, mind feel, irrational, emotional discharges.


Moses. [00:02:00] We also discussed basic principles such as sowing and reaping, creative thought, creative purpose, and now we're continuing with the ground work for the series today, we'll focus on two things. Okay. The almighty attitude. And predestination versus free will attitude.


My favorite definition of attitude is it's the position of the plane as it comes in for a landing. That position is determined relative to. A frame of reference with respect to aircraft, their


frame of reference is Terra firma the ground. How that plane is aligned with the ground determines its attitude.


Regardless of what altitude is at as it comes in for landing, it has to align with the terrain on which is going to land and it has to come in at the perfect angle in order not to crash.


Definition of attitude also includes a position or manner of caring oneself. A posture, a state of mind, or a feeling, it's your disposition. Now, some people describe this attitude dynamic as that's his personality. That's her personality. When its actuality


the personality, the person, the demeanor that we present to others in our lives is not necessarily the true personality with which God created us.


This attitude. Involves multiple things within you, emanating from your soul. It's all based on how you perceive what's going on around you, the circumstances, the situations, the people in your life. And as we move forward in this series, we will learn how exactly that works without us knowing it.


We don't realize that our attitudes are propelling us a hundred miles an hour. Downloads runway. The [00:05:00] plane is nose toward or away from destiny. If we don't recalibrate our emotional instruments, we will wind up staring down the end of our lives of payload, of unfinished business until all, because we did not know that all it took was a shift in our focus to alter our direction.


That's a sad commentary because our attitudes relate to the previous analogy as such. The plane comes in based on a frame of reference in which it's aligning itself. It's B, and it's dissension in relation to the frame of reference of the ground itself. Now we know that ground is not moving. I don't care if it's pilot error.


I don't care. [00:06:00] Carrie got distracted. If that pilot misperceives his frame of reference, which is the ground, it's going to be crashing. Right. Okay. So, whether it's a smooth landing or crashed or Burke is fully dependent on the, the pilots frame of reference related to the grant. No, for purposes of human beings.


Our frames of reference are developed over time as we become morphed into individuals opposite of who God created us to be. I'll give you an example. I think I spoke of this in the last session. I became tough girl. Okay. I'm the type of person that I was growing up. Was kindhearted, very empathetic. I wore my heart on my sleeves.


I didn't have any [00:07:00] kind of governors on me to stop me from showing people how much I loved them, and at some point, in life I wound up getting into situations for which I wasn't prepared. I made a decision one day now, I wasn't aware of making this decision at the time. I was some 30 years down the line before I realized I had made this decision.


But I decided that that person who is the person God created me to be, was the fault of mine getting in trouble, getting hurt in during major trauma and abuse. I decided that it was that girl that was the problem. So, upon this subconscious decision, I created a new persona that I call in the book. Tough girl.


Now, tough girl was the complete opposite of who I am. She was mean. She will cut you off. She was not approachable. She'll curse you out at the [00:08:00] drop of a hat. She didn't care if she hurts your feelings or not. If she urged your feelings, it's like she would blame you for bleeding. I didn't give a rip and I thought that that was who I needed to be to go through life.


Well. How many of you know that my frame of reference and become distorted? My frame of reference was much more closer to the truth when I was that young girl growing up wearing her heart on her sleeve. When I kept getting hurt, I decided I had to make some better decisions in my life and the wrong decision I made based on that was I was going to be tough girl.


Now I was walking around with a chip on my shoulder. Everybody could see but me and dare you not to tell me that I had a chip on my shoulder because guess what? You wouldn't be left on your knees after the backlash. You would catch from me in this condition. I was not [00:09:00] hearing truth. The ground in the analogy is the truth.


You have to have an immutable standard of truth by which to hold your perspectives as you move through your healing. My frame of reference was distorted. To think that I had to lash out before anybody lashed out at me on some unconscious level, I decided that I needed to be evil in order to protect myself from the hurt that was perpetuating in my life.


So, I was the plane and I was coming down in the wrong frame of reference to the ground, which is the truth. Okay. This is the insidious dynamic that occurs in all of us. Do you remember we talked in lesson one about defense mechanisms? Well, the situation that I just [00:10:00] presented to you, I had developed a defense mechanism that I would be a tough girl.


Now, none of that kept me from getting hurt. Now I'm going to tell you the truth because that same pattern kept perpetuating in my life. I would learn through writing the book that that was perpetuating because of these internal expectations I had created telling me, and I believe to be the truth, that everybody that comes into my life at some point was going to hurt me and hurt me deeply.


Now this internal expectation just kept drawing the same mess in my life. It was crash and burn. Okay? Tough girl was so out of whack from who God created me to be that I was destroying positive relationships because I just determined that all relationships were going to end up in that kind of [00:11:00] drama.


Anybody that got sent across my path to tell me truth about myself, to mentor me, anybody that was a divine connection for whatever he wanted me to do in my life. Oh, gay didn't make it past that four, three year. Okay. So, what I had done was positioned myself off my path of purpose. I was living my life based on a distorted frame of reference.


I'm seeing ground that isn't there. And so, as I come in floor landing as tough girl, it was crash and burn every time you guys, I'm not going to even try to lie about that. And that's why I'll say it and I'll say it and I'll say it again. Our attitudes are propelling us a hundred miles an hour. Down life's runway and the [00:12:00] nose of that plane is headed toward or away from destiny.


As long as you're the opposite of who God created you to be, every step you take is off your path of purpose. Okay? And your plane is nosed toward stolen vision. If your plane is not those toward destiny is no somewhere else and it is all focused, your frame of references off. If we don't recalibrate our emotional instruments, we will wind up staring down the end of our lives.


A payload of. Unfinished business in tone, all because we did not know that all it took was a shift in focus to alter our direction. This is the crux of the enemy's strategy in our minds. We have got to develop. Or more [00:13:00] truthful standard in our lives with respect to how we see the world. We can only do that if we root out and recognize how we become twisted out of the people God created us to be.


And once we do that, we will have the vantage point to see how that has given the enemy inroads to use his battle strategies in our lives. Predestination versus free will. This is a great theological debate. Predestination. The theory in its purest form indicates that there is no free will, that everything that we encounter in life is because there's been some cosmic script written whereby, we have to live our lives.


This eliminates free choice completely. Predestination theorists have no room in [00:14:00] this for free will and free choice. So, it puts us in a position where we can blame God for everything. This happens when you, you go through something, you get hurt real bad, whether you had anything to do with it or not. And.


A lot of times things that happen to us like that God did not orchestrate that God cannot orchestrate evil. There is no evil in him, and when we go through these durable wheel situations where we're running back into the same situation repeatedly in relationships or in life, then we sometimes will say.


Well, God did that so I could learn this and God did that. So, I can learn that. And its off focus because the world doesn't run strictly on a script that God wrote for us. [00:15:00] Freewill does exist, which brings us to the next term, free will. Now under this theory, it completely excludes what God has created for us, what he had in his heart and purpose for us before we were born.


It completely excludes what God's cosmic and divine. Purpose for us is, and it says that humans have the privilege of free will. They can make choices. Their lives are fully determined by these choices. There's no roominess for God's grace. There's no room in this for God's intervention. There's no room in this for God, period.


And what I'm saying is that. These two coexist that they're not mutually exclusive. The [00:16:00] existence of one does not indicate that the other cannot exist. Any debate, uh, over freewill versus predestination would in diff opposing parties agreed that they are not mutually exclusive, but they work in tandem.


The God could've created Adam and Eve without freedom of choice, but he chose not to. He predestined them to a life of ease. In direct relationship with him, they chose to obey a different voice, so merely handed over earthly, demanded to Satan. Now in this case, the garden of Eden is God's creative purpose.


He created Adam and Eve out of the ground on which they walked everything in them screened purpose, and they live the destiny he created for them. Yet Adam and Eve ate the forbidden [00:17:00] fruit. Short-circuiting the master plan, and with it, the purpose for which they had been created. See in the ed from the beginning, God redeemed the whole mess through Jesus, but the root of this perpetuates to this day.


Because of freewill, we choose to cooperate or not. It's an easier road to go for all involved when we go off and rate. It's kind of like a cosmic chess game.


Now let's talk about the objectives. In this cosmic chess game. The objective is to corner the King. So, he has nowhere to go. And when you do that, it's called checkmate. Now, each opponent divides us playing strategies with that end in mind, but the move at hand is never the primary focus. Strategizing multiple moves in advance.


Each opponent anticipates the other's reaction to a specific movement on the board. As a consequence, each strategy builds on the other until the objective is accomplished. It's a major mind game in which each opponent tries to out think the other. But in the cosmic version of this game, there is no intellectual won't contest between Satan and God because God sees the end from the beginning.


And another can take him by surprise. So, Satan. No, he's no med for God, employee's distraction and in your window, in an effort to attack God's intent and God's instruction that you get that he wants to attack God's intent in God's instruction. He cannot influence God. He can only influence us and only to the degree that we allow it.


Okay. The rules of the game are this. [00:19:00] Each piece has a designated place in the beginning lineup, and each piece moves according to its designated movement capabilities. For example, a Knight can move two steps in either direction and then one step to the right or left, but in this cosmic version of the game, the pieces get to choose to go a law with God's direction.


Or they can change the game by refusing to go along and doing something else. Can anybody say free will?


Okay, so let's talk about how Satan does this now. Satan is the captain of team destruction. Okay. His strategies three-pronged still. Kill and destroy. He wants to [00:20:00] steal vision at every strategic opportunity. So, Justin, when you're driving a car, we tend to steer in the direction of our glance. Shifting focus away from purpose sends us off course off our path of purpose.


You cannot drive in a direction opposite your gaze. Misdirected focus equals stolen vision. Kill Satan. Plans to kill every bid, a hope for your future. This subtle ploy is progressive and it can happen completely without notice until we rediscover hope. We don't even realize it's gone. It's like falling asleep at the wheel.


You don't realize you're asleep until you're waking up. If you're blessed enough to wake up, destroy. Satan plans to destroy every destiny related aspect of your [00:21:00] personality, your character, and your talents. Why there are divine equipment. The part of our tool kit that renders them powerful. Or power less from a spiritual standpoint as it relates to our destinies.


Our tool kits are our divine birthright because they are part and parcel to our whole reason for this thing. Now, this tool kits. Comprises everything God gave you to accomplish your purpose. It's your spiritual birth, right? The fact that he thought you up and created you, gave you the right from your birth to everything he made you to be.


You are as he created you. Before light twist and as up, you are everything you need to be to accomplish your purpose. Our personalities are [00:22:00] intrinsically germane to actualize the purpose necessary, to realize our God determined destinies. And by distorting this core aspect of who we are, Satan effectively cripples the spiritual.


And personal growth necessary to recognize, realize, and appreciate our callings. Failure to recognize this ploy blocks inside out, healing that is only found along our purposeful paths. You will never reach your destiny if you are off your path to purpose. Okay. We've talked about Satan strategy, God's plan, he's on team destiny.


Bottom line, we're going to win this thing. What are you going to do? So, let the games begin. Now let's say midway the game. God moves you. You're a Rook, okay? You can only see a square length in any direction. [00:23:00] Quick glance around and you don't see a night of your color. So, you decide you're a Knight. You act accordingly.


You jump one square off, taken out when a Satan's men and the often aren't you? The why one. Well, let's ask the officials. You're judged as making an illegal move because works can't jump other pieces. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the dude you took out his back in the battling, you are sideline. The problem is you still are Rook.


Regardless of your so-called disguise, it fooled nobody, as evidenced by the fact that your sideline log with your queen, leaving your King vulnerable to attack it. The next move, congratulations. You just gave up ground to the opponent and jeopardize others to boot. You got off your square. Now Satan has it, and teen destiny has to [00:24:00] navigate a last-minute change in the game plan.


Now, in the end, in front of the beginning, God wins. That fight was fixed before time itself, but each decision we make subconsciously or deliberately is a choice for or against that plan. She was calling mission purpose. You get God's designed, ordained destiny choose. Otherwise you don't. Simple. We don't come here with every decision, pre-program and our life experiences lined up as in a sitcom script because our own choices create our personal outcomes.


We can change the game at will. So, it's not predestination as if God orchestrated the wrong weaving door. We can't blame God for other's decisions and deeds. We can't [00:25:00] blame him for our own choices and behaviors, and we surely can't blame him for our results. How you play the game is up to you. Every time your choices don't align with purpose, mission, and destiny.


It causes a delay of game and holds up resources. God intended to channel to others to rule you. If life is tough right now, know that even in the middle of the most chaotic mess, God did his part before you got there. It is not too late to create a better result. Destiny is on your side. What side of destiny are you on?


Okay, so let's recap what we learned today. [00:26:00] We've learned that God has a creative purpose for us, and that is to fulfill our purpose in the master plan. From the standpoint of free PR, free will and predestination. This is the predestination part of that because God doesn't create a thing without a purpose and who we are.


Everything we are in, the reason we breathe in, born out of the heart of an immutable guy. His predestined, creative purpose for us, which was to live a life of fulfilled, miss the happiness, and to feel for fulfilled in our purpose. A lot of the Discontentment that many people feel today, even people who appear to have it all.


Is that they feel like something inside is just not right. They're [00:27:00] chasing this accomplishment after that accomplishment and none of the things they achieve seems to really feel whatever void they're searching for. I'm convinced that until we walk in, the purpose for which we were created, that joy and fulfillment, that deep down sense of accomplishment will elude us.


So, God has predestined that we live a life of purpose and fulfillment. He predestined that we would live a life of happiness, full of hope, but we can by virtue of the freewill short circuit that plan. Yeah. We learned that we are fully equipped for the purpose for [00:28:00] which we were born. God gave you the resources, the divine connections, the innate abilities, and talents to accomplish what we were born out of his heart to do.


Because destiny is born out of the heart of guy. Destiny is edged in eternal stone, immutable as the God out of who it was born. So, destiny cannot deny you. It's right where God put it. We learned that you. Can deny destiny by your life choices. We learn that our free will allows us to either go along with God's plan or do something [00:29:00] else.


We learned that by doing something else, we're stepping off our path of purpose and heading in an opposite direction of our destinies. Well, that's the end of today's lesson. I certainly hope that you were able to glean something that you can take away from today's lesson that will empower you along your path of purpose.


Coming up in lesson three, we discussed the anatomy of the soul. We need to understand how we are created. In order to understand why our souls are the primary target and why the enemy attacks with extreme prejudice. I am looking forward to seeing you in lesson three as a thank you for joining us today.


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