Course Introduction and Overview

Soul Connection - Introduction (Transcript)


Welcome to Whose Apple is in Anyway; The webinar. I'm Dr. Linda F. Williams. I have a Doctor of Social work from Capella University, a bachelor's in Organizational Leadership from Calvin. I have a Master's of Social Work (Advanced Clinical) from Western Michigan University. I have graduate certification in substance and alcohol abuse counseling.


I'm a life coach, executive coach, behaviorist, relationship coach, and a trained psychotherapist. In this course, we have six modules. In module one we lay the groundwork for what comes thereafter. Then we go to module two, Groundwork Part Two. After that, module three has us discussing Anatomy of the Soul.


In module four, we're going to Re-calibrate. Where are you headed? Module five, Hone Your Harvest. Module six Playing to A Purpose Higher Than the Game.

Takeaways from this course include:

  • You will recognize root out a disarmed destiny destroying mindsets.
  • You'll learn the good and bad as it relates to your emotions and how to finally control them. Instead of their controlling you.
  • Learn how to leverage the past to achieve your God given purpose and destiny and learned the definitive battle strategy to disarm, I. E. D's in enemy mind fields. Learn how to wield the powerful weapon you've had in your possession all along.

If you haven't already, be sure to get the book. Whose Apple is it Anyway? Empowering purpose to achieve your God-ordained destiny available in paperback eBook, Audible and the companion journal is also available.

I'm your transformation coach, Dr. Linda F. Williams. Please contact me for a one-on-one session to empower what you're about to learn in this webinar.


Modules 1 through 6 of the workshop each include a section of the workbook. After watching each video, proceed to download the corresponding workbook section and complete all appropriate sections before moving on to the next Module. The entire workbook is provided in PDF format at the end of the course.


Dr. Williams is available to answer your questions. Use the comment section below each Module to ask any Course-related questions. Do not write personal information or discuss private matters in the Comments. Dr. Williams is available, by appointment, for any one-on-one coaching you might desire.

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